Monday, 26 October 2015

A Poem for Dave & Eunice

While in Sydney this week visiting family, I found a box of stuff at my Aunt's house. It contained photos and documents belonging to my Nanna that I had not seen before. One item that I found, was a beautiful poem written by an unknown relative or friend, about my Grandparent's wedding. 

I cannot not share it with you all. I've transcribed it from the copy we have, however, please keep in mind that the punctuation is a bit iffy. It makes sense for the most part. I did not even know someone had written a poem about my Grandparent's wedding until I found it. Happy reading!

In the year 1944, Thursday Twelve the date.
October was the month for sure, of this event, I’ll state
A romance, between man and maid, is clearly brought to view,
And forever sealed, at little Church, between these lovers two.

West Pennant Hills was known quite well, to parents of the Bride.
As likely place, for friendly folk, whom, in various homes reside.
The Bridegrooms family, Mother, Aunt, though by count are only two,
Were also interested there, that nights event to view.

Fair, Eunice Dyer, and David Gow, both thought it just a shame,
Two people, with one single mind, should divided be by name.
So Pastor Hare, their problem solved, by tying nuptual knot,
And so pronounced them man and wife, in Church’s scared plot.

How early of solution, where people can agree,
May all lifes troubled problems, be as happily solved for thee.
For example, if the world, would take their troubles, as these two
And each side, take their share of blame, thus, friendship to renew.

Well, the Corner at West Pennant Hills, on crest of sloping ground,
As usual, with all friendly folk at western homes around.
By personal presence at the Church, then later, Koala Park,
Gave their approval, once again, as wedding cake shewed mark.  

And thus, true homes are founded, by affections, tie and meant,
To raise up loving children, by Gods divine consent.
And Churches sanction, thus be responsible and grave,
With true and loving comradeship, of Eunice and of Dave.

Now describing decorations, at the Church and at the Park,
Blended flowers and ferns, and greenry shewed forth, natures vivid mark.
For natural true embellishment, presents its varied thrills,
To the wedding guests assembled there, from Western Pennant Hills.

And the catering at the Breakfast, of that nuptual wedding. Time
Also gave no jar, or jangle. All went to perfect Rhyme.
For toasts were given freely, and all appetites seemed good,
By the relishing way of handling, all varietys of food.

There was song and pleasing music, contributed in turn,
By both voice and instrumental, good applause two lades earn.
To make a merry party, song and music give the thrills,
As it did this wedding party, gathered at West Pennant Hills.

Now concluding my description, of eventful wedding night.
I submit my own approval, by these few words I indite.
May love, and life, and laughter, may prosperity and peace,
In the home of Dave and Eunice, all their lifetime, never cease.

Wedding of David Gow & Eunice Dyer
12 Oct 1944, Sydney
[Source: Personal Collection]

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